D’Alessio, Tocci & Pell, LLP, led by founder and Managing Partner Perry D’Alessio, specializes in financial management and planning for healthcare organizations. Perry’s expertise in this area has been shared through articles, textbooks, and other content.

Our firm hosts webinars for medical practitioners and others seeking financial guidance, covering topics such as managing relationships between doctors and non-doctors, managing risk and cost containment, and general tax and financial planning goals.

Our webinars can be attended both virtually and in-person at their office in the Empire State Building.

Perry has also authored content including “Financial Management Strategies for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations” (Chapter 10) and “Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies for Doctors and Advisors” (Chapters 4, 9 & 10), as well as “How To Make HR Tech Work For Your Small Business — Without Overpaying.”