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Become the CEO of Your Personal Brand for a Career-Defining Performance

D’Alessio, Tocci & Pell specializes in the hospitality & entertainment industry, offering expert guidance and support to owners of hospitality establishments and entertainers. Their hospitality & entertainment professionals provide strategic business planning, financial advice, and accounting services to help clients take control of their behind-the-scenes brand. The firm’s advisors help business owners act strategically by managing their tax, compliance, cash flow, and wealth building strategies while devising and implementing off-hours plans. Additionally, the entertainment industry professionals at D’Alessio, Tocci & Pell offer long-term budgeting, financial management, and compliance solutions to help entertainers protect and build their personal brand and stay financially secure even after their operating days are over. With in-depth knowledge of repair regulations, sales and use tax, state and local government tax incentives, and R&D tax credits, the firm also assists hospitality businesses in navigating industry-specific issues and maximizing their success.

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